How high is your Stress Temperature™?

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There is a difference between normal stress and unhealthy anxiety. But how can you tell the difference?  Is stress at work holding you back? Workplaces in Australia are busier than ever and only 52% of employees think that their workplace is mentally healthy (Beyond Blue).  The first step to manage workplace stress is to find out how it may be impacting your everyday life, so you can then do something about it.

What is your organisation’s “Stress Temperature™”?

If you would like a complimentary self-assessment questionnaire that I use to help clients measure the Stress Temperature of their organisation and develop a Resilience Shield™ framework for their workforce, please click enquire now with your details so I can email you a copy.

This is useful for organisational leaders, especially those in occupational health, safety and wellbeing or in human resources.

Resilience Shield

My story:

Whilst working in London as a busy corporate executive, seemingly without warning I found myself in a state of high stress and burnout. And it left me wondering:

  • How did this happen?
  • What was the cause?
  • How do I get out of this state and recover?

Initially I found these questions difficult to answer and much of the help I received, whilst well intentioned, focused on managing symptoms without addressing the underlying cause. This is when my journey to move out of a state of high stress and anxiety to a more mindful state of being started.

During my journey I continued to work in senior leadership roles and found this was an important part of my recovery. In fact, the more stress subsided, the more innovative, confident and creative I became.  I was  able to achieve more career satisfaction and success than I ever had before.

I now help people and organisations in three ways:

  • I share the understanding, tools and techniques I used myself, to help others manage and reduce any level of stress in order to be able to thrive in their career and personal life
  • I educate people so they can develop the confidence to help and support others who are suffering from workplace and other forms of stress
  • I leverage my knowledge and leadership in corporate environments to help organisations create stress-free cultures that foster innovation and creativity.


Samuel has a Master of Science (Psychology) from the University of East London and trained with No Panic (NHS funded UK not for profit) helping clients manage anxiety and related disorders. For 15 years Samuel worked as a senior marketing executive in banking and financial services in Australia and Europe in both large institutions and start-up Fintech companies focusing on digital innovation, brand and thought leadership.

Samuel is also an Accredited Mental Health First Aider.

How stressed are you now?

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