Build your career confidence with one to one coaching

Have your ever asked yourself these questions:

  • What does career success mean to me?
  • Is high performance sustainable?
  • How do I lead with confidence?
  • Is the voice of doubt normal?
  • How do I create balance in my personal life and still maintain a successful career?

Executive coaching often focuses on high performance and leadership, but even senior leaders and executives suffer from low levels of confidence and self-doubt can be very high. I believe that creating a foundation of true confidence is essential for professionals to maintain a successful and happy life both professionally and personally.

What does your coaching program involve?

Research published in Business Insider showed that a third of corporate Australia is feeling stressed, anxious or depressed. Being able monitor and manage your own levels of stress and maintain personal wellbeing is a core component of this 6 part program:

Program outline

This is an intensive 12 week program consisting of 6 individual 50 minute coaching sessions. Coaching outcomes will be tailored to meet your individual goals but will also cover:


Establish your foundation of true confidence by:
• Assess your own levels of stress and build resilience
• Understand the importance of wellbeing to achieve your goals


• Reconnecting with your career passion
• Develop your professional brand
• Define your long-term career pathway


• Building a network of influence
• Starting out as a Thought Leader
• Create your short-term career plan

Why should I consider a coaching program?

Change is not easy when we are challenging old behaviours and looking to establish new ways of thinking. Whilst the coaching process is designed to be fun and engaging, it does require time commitment and focus in order to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Fortnightly sessions over a 12 week period allow you time to absorb new information, implement new strategies and maintain focus, all whilst getting expert support along the way.

So, are you ready to build your career confidence? Register your details today for more information and to set up a complimentary discussion with me.

Brett O’Connor

Global Programme Director, Alexander Mann Solutions

“Several years ago now Sam completed a Masters in Psychology (MSc) in London to refocus his career to blend his corporate and counselling experience...I can highly recommend him to enlighten you, relate to you and at all times counsel with the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. Sam is someone who builds confidence and resilience in people, who helps to navigate a changing world increasingly impacted by globalization and disruption. Sam balances perspectives and dissolves inner self-doubt to make a positive case for change to create new ways of thinking about life’s opportunities.”

Gavan Macrides

Physiotherapist and Business Development Manager, Pinnacle Health Group

“Sam has been integral over the last few years in partnership with Pinnacle Health Group in helping us deliver Health and Wellbeing solutions for our Corporate Clients both in Melbourne and Sydney.

Sam brings a wealth of real-life experience to his Wellness Workshops with his background in marketing and finance, and his approach to Coaching and Wellbeing is in high demand with our clients.

We look forward to continuing to engage with Sam professionally, in delivering Seminars, Coaching and Mentoring for our clients across Australia.”

Emily May

Corporate Wellness & Mindfulness Coach | Speaker | Yoga Therapist

“…(Sam) can truly help coach from a place of authenticity as he's spent over a decade in highly stressful and demanding corporate environments. He is highly regarded by peers to senior leaders for the quality of his work, his engagement style and leadership skills.

Sam is a rare combination of talent, integrity and leadership and someone I wouldn't hesitate in recommending to anyone seeking guidance in their life and career.”

Jennifer Wing

Marketing Manager, AMEX

Sam had a hugely positive influence in my career. He mentored me early in my career and helped me develop professional skills, identify my strengths, navigate through difficult situations and gain more confidence in the workplace. Sam is very intuitive and gives excellent insights into professional and social situations, coupled with his easy going nature makes him an outstanding coach and mentor. I couldn’t recommend Sam enough.

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