Reframing Crisis: What if it is not all bad?

In this episode, I speak with Sarah Kavanagh who has a private practice specialising in helping people who are experiencing crisis or highly stressful events in their life. She is also a registered Mental Health Nurse and in this discussion we pose the important question: is a crisis always bad or can we take a different perspective?

What is crisis & how do you know if you are experiencing it?

Can there really be meaning in crisis and is it all bad?

How do we move forward positively from crisis?

About Sam

As an Educator, Trainer & Executive Career Coach, I help organisations and individuals in three key areas:

1. Stress & Anxiety Reduction (prevent burnout, reduce absenteeism)
2. Wellbeing & Resilience (cope with change, increase engagement) 3. Growth Mindset & Career Confidence (thrive with change, business innovation, passion)

About Sarah

Sarah is a therapist and runs her own private practice, specialising in helping people find a way forward through crisis and highly stressful life events. She is also a Registered Mental Health Nurse.