Surviving Divorce & Separation Podcast: Getting back on your feet (ep 1)

Divorce & separation costs the Australian economy $14 billion a year but the personal cost to parents and children is immeasurable.

Many people who go through separation suffer from high stress and bewilderment at having to deal with the break up of a relationship, the impact on their children while having to deal with practical problems of shared parenting and property settlements, often while navigating the costly legal system for the first time and trying to manage busy careers.

In this groundbreaking podcast series, Workplace Wellbeing Educator, Samuel Eddy has teamed up with experienced Family Lawyer, (and his Dad!), Vin Eddy to guide busy working parents through this difficult journey.

In this episode, we discuss common issues and provide guidance on how you get back on your feet to drive the outcomes you need for yourself and for your family:

Coping with relationship breakdown & getting back on your feet

  • Use wellbeing to take ownership of the separation process
  • The importance of understanding the legal landscape early in the process
  • Dealing with emotions and suppressed feelings from the relationship
  • The importance of self-care
  • Demystifying the role of the courts using common parenting and property issues
  • The initial impact of COVID-19

If you have legal questions about anything we covered in today’s session, please don’t hesitate to contact Vin directly:

Vin Eddy – Family Lawyer