"Building resilience at work is the key to preventing burnout & boosting productivity"

Stress and anxiety at work can lead to burnout, poor communication, tension and conflict as well as poor business outcomes.

However, with the right understanding and tools, it is possible to get stay on the front foot to ensure your teams and business can thrive at work.

We know that when stress levels rise, there is a corresponding decrease in work performance, job satisfaction as well as reduced happiness and sense of wellbeing. So how will my resilience, mental health and wellbeing training help you?

  • Lower stress: identify the causes of individual and workplace stress and learn practical tools to monitor and prevent burnout
  • Improve wellbeing: learn how to thrive in the face of constant change and uncertainty at work or at home
  • Greater confidence: build a true foundation of confidence to bolster your career and achieve successful business outcomes.

Small group learning  |  Practical exercises  |  Simple tools  |  Follow-up coaching

Webinar & Workshop Topics

NEW: COVID-19 Employee Resilience Webinar (3-part series)

Building resilience in the face of global crisis takes purpose and intention. As the spread of the Coronavirus continues and we use remote working, we need to stay connected and support each other more than ever. Employer support at this uncertain time is critical, so this webinars series will cover:

  • Stress, fear and anxiety reduction
  • Trigger identification
  • Make calm choices in uncertain times
  • Key remote working wellbeing tools
  • Productivity focus and moving forward
  • Hosted by wellbeing and health experts
  • Live chat, polls and handouts

Switch Off Your Hidden Stress Engine

When your car engine warning light goes on, we know we need to take action. But why do we find it hard to do this for ourselves? In this important and interactive session, Sam will show you how to tackle stress at work and boost your health at the same time.

Growth Mindset Series: Learn to thrive with change

One of the hardest things to cope with in life is change. Significant life events such as marriage and having kids can be wonderful but can also present difficult challenges. And workplaces are not immune either. Industries that once thrive can become obsolete as technology advances. Adding to that, operational difficulties and complex working relationships mean to in order to thrive as individuals we need to adopt a growth mindset and embrace change and not resist it.

The purpose of these sessions is to demonstrate the benefits of adopting a growth mindset and give you an opportunity to learn and practise tools that will help you thrive during times of change and have a positive impact on your career, wellbeing and the whole organisation. 

For a full list of topics and overviews please contact me direct.

Other topics include:

Energise Your Career & Develop Your Personal Brand

Create True Work Life Balance

Building Resilience: How to cope with uncertainty & change

Sleep Success: How to build your foundation of wellbeing

Download the complete list of workshop and webinar topics today

This brochure will provide you with a more detailed overview of what is included with each event to help you decide the training option that is the best fit for your organisation.

In-House Training Enquiry

If you are a business owner, Human Resources or Health, Safety & Wellbeing professional looking to train an entire team or workforce, I also offer beskope full and half-day workshops as well as lunch & learn style seminar and webinar events

If this is something that would interest your company, send me your details and I will be in touch to design a workshop to target your specific requirements and needs.

Employer Benefits

When workplace stress is reduced and employee mental health improves, employers feel the benefits too:

  • Increases in achieving workplace goals
  • Reduced employee sick leave duration and absence from the workplace
  • Improved productivity and problem solving
  • Happier and more enjoyable team cultures

My workshops are designed to empower individuals to manage and reduce their own stress, but also to use what they learn to help team members, colleagues and their workplace.

Executive, new manager and career coaching

Some leaders and employees require additional one to one support to in the areas of career confidence, leadership, new manager or other related training and can be a nice supplement or alternative to group training.

If you have any questions about whether my training or coaching programs are right for your employees, please feel free to contact me.

Brett Mckeown

HR Business Partner, CPB Contractors

"Building Resilience in our employees is key focus area to help our people manage stress and maintain good mental health. Sam's session on Resilience was a key part of our Health and Wellbeing program which helped educate our people on how to identify and manage stress and provided tools and help build resilience in the workplace. A great interactive session!"

Mark Aitken

Consultant & Stakeholder and Engagement Manager (Registered Nurse), Nurse & Midwife Support

“Samuel Eddy provided training on managing stress and anxiety stress for the Nurse & Midwife Support team. The training was exceptional. Samuel tailored the training to the specific brief provided and delivered an innovative session and exceeded all of the training objectives.

The training was highly evaluated by the Nurse & Midwife Support team who have incorporated their learnings into improved customer interactions.

I have no hesitation in recommending Samuel for training in your organisation.”

Glenn Taylor


Sam is incredibly authentic and engaging. He has a great capacity to introduce the audience to ideas and concepts which seem so obvious, yet can be very difficult things for many of us to approach.

Hannah Oliver

HSE & Site Access Administrator, Level Crossing Removal Project AECOM & GHD

"Sam provided two well researched & interesting seminars on workplace wellbeing to our project team. We received positive feedback from the team following these seminars and look forward to hearing from Sam again!"

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